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How to operate auger drill scientifically?

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How to operate auger drill scientifically?

As a kind of equipment often used in construction machinery, long auger has a high utilization rate. The application range of long auger drilling machines is very wide, which can meet the use of bridge construction and high-rise building engineering. At present, rotary drilling machine has been widely used in the engineering construction of drilling and grouting. Due to the widespread use of this equipment, the selection and correct operation of spiral drills and the use of long spiral drills have become a matter of great concern to every user.

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Selection of auger bit

Correct operation and use of long auger

Selection of auger bit

There are four types of auger bits according to their properties and functions. Therefore, appropriate bits should be selected according to their properties and functions. Relative to traits, it mainly includes:

One is the pointed bottom drill, which is suitable for a cohesive soil layer. It can insert and weld cemented carbide cutter head on the edge, and drill hard soil and frozen soil;

The second is the flat bottom drill, which is suitable for slack soil layer;

Third, rake bit, which is suitable for miscellaneous fill soil layer rich in many bricks and tiles;

Fourth, the barrel drill bit is suitable for drilling concrete blocks, strip stones, and other obstacles, but when in use, the thickness of each drilling should be less than the height of the barrel body, and water should be added to cool it properly during drilling.

In terms of function, it is divided into four types: the first is the core auger bit, which is suitable for gravelly soil, medium hardness rock, and weathered rock stratum. The second is the core bit, which is suitable for weathered rock stratum and cracked rock. The third is the single floor soil layer drilling bucket, which is suitable for the construction of the clay layer and dry hole. In addition, there is a rotary drilling bucket with a double bottom, which is suitable for the operation of quicksand layer, sandy soil, and pebble layer with poor cementation and small particle size. Under the condition of wet hole drilling, the use of a double bottom rotary drilling bucket can also be conducive to the hole cleaning construction at the hole bottom.

The function of each kind of auger bit is different, so we should choose it differently.

Correct operation and use of long auger

As for the scientific operation and use of long auger drilling rig, the requirements for operators are stricter. Never drink alcohol or take medicine before operation. Do not do anything that affects the normal operation of the auger drill.

First, from the perspective of auger drill operators, they must pass the practice inspection and work with certificates.

Second, the auger shall meet the construction needs. Before formal drilling, the trial operation test shall be carried out first, and the equipment inspection application form shall be submitted to the supervision unit in time. At the same time, the key points of drilling treatment in the construction of spiral drilling rig shall prepare specific drilling process operation instructions, and carry out skill disclosure level by level. There shall be operating procedures for mechanical equipment, and the drilling process shall be well recorded.

Third, do not turn or travel the drill pipe before reaching the plan elevation in the drilling process. If it is necessary to turn or travel the drill pipe in special circumstances, it is necessary to lift the drill pipe to the surface and dredge and close the drill bit valve from the beginning in time. The operator shall strictly control the auger drill to reduce the speed and rotation speed. The auger drill thread rotates one circle, and the drill bit reduces one pitch to match the two.

In addition, before drilling, first carefully check whether the air hole at the top of the core pipe is smooth, whether the concrete delivery hose has excellent joints and whether there are signs of misunderstanding. In the process of hole forming, if the drill pipe shakes or the footage is slow, wait for the footage slowly to avoid the deflection and displacement of the pile hole and the damage of the drill pipe and drilling tool.

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