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Application One

2.1 Up to now, it has gone through 12 years of research and production experience in ground drill machine and auger bit industry.
2.2 A professional R & D team has been established from basic assembly and market practice since 2012,we can design new products that according to client’s idea.

Application Two

2.3 More than 40 "utility model patents" and "design patents" have been acquired in the ground drilling industry.
2.4 we are “the drafting units of the industry standard” in the ground drilling industry in China .

Application Three

2.5 Our company have been Audited by SGS-CSTC ON 2018-08-11,the Audit Report Serial No.: QIP-ASI1531089.
2.6 We have Obtained” High And New Technology Enterprises” at the provincial level in 2017.

Application Four

2.7 In 2017, we won the award cup of "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards" jointly organized by "Made In China" and "BV", "SGS " and "TUV ".
2.8 There are four professional drill production equipments, the auger bit and handle from raw materials to welding, is complete by ourself. There are three production lines in workshop for assembling ground drill machine and packaging .

Application Five

2.9 Each Ground drill gearbox must be tested by professional testing equipment.Engines and gear boxes are finish assembling, each machine must be tested 5 minutes test without any problem. We take inspection strictly for each producing step to eliminate the unqualified products.

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