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Short introduction of Zhejiang Hengyue Machinery Co.,ltd

1. Management

*Managing comprehensively according to Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 and Enterprise Resource Planning management System.


2. Experience and Ability

* From 2008, our R&D team has focused on developing our own design products, including hand-held earth auger machines, ice auger drill machines, backpack type core drill machines and auger bits. Until now, we have more than 50 models of machines suited for different countries in different areas. Such as one man operated series, two men operated series, one or two men operated series, quick stop series, reversing function series, shelf with wheels series and many kinds of engines, from 43cc to 212 cc, 2 strokes and four strokes. We have more than 50 patents for our designs.

* In 2012,we obtained ”Provincial High and New Technology Enterprises”, in 2018,we obtained ”China High and New Technology Enterprises”.

*In earth augers industry, HENGYUE is the drafter of “China hand-held earth auger standard”, and is the drafter of “Zhejiang Team Standard of earth auger industry”. These requested that HENGYUE produce all products achieving the standard is the base, exceeding standard is our responsibility.

* We won the award of “Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards”, it was issued by BV, SGS, TUV and Made in China together.


3.Quality control and production

*We control our quality very strictly for each step for all spare parts and all producing workshops. We undertake inspection and testing for all parts, even some spare parts produced by professional machines. Meanwhile, each gearbox must be tested by special testing equipment. In assembling workshop, in each step, the spare parts are checked again to make sure all spare parts used in the machines are in good quality. After assembling, we make inspection and debug all machines for 5 minutes to make sure all machines are in good condition for the user, and then we also make an inspection for the packaging to make sure all goo




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