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How to choose earth auger machine

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How to choose earth auger machine

How to choose an ideal hand-held earth auger machine?

The main purpose of hand-held earth auger machine :

Use it at home , small estate, build a log cabin, Buried piles in greenhouse and so on . Hole size diameter is less than 200mm, depth is about 1.5 meters. Choose a 2 stroke 52cc gasoline engine power earth auger machine or a 4 stroke GX35 , GX50 small engine power earth auger machine is enough for such kinds of purpose .

How to get a preliminary understanding of the quality of earth auger machine  without actual testing.

More user will check the brand name and manufacture at first . because of famous brand on market is recognized by most users. very reliable . and a professional manufacturer does not allow their products with defective sell in market. Secondly, it has very strict parts quality control experience, production experience and management experience and very good business philosophy.

Check a new earth auger machine 

First , we should check the package, whether the carton box is damaged and the quality of the carton is good. Sure do not to check it if the carton has damaged or poor quality.  There is no need to  waste time . Becasue of will check nore for next step.

Second, Check all  accessories , Such as Manual , Tool kits bag ( There are tools for after service use ) , funnel with strainer,ratio tank , these are normal accessories of a hand held type earth auger machine .

Third , Check the earth auger machine .

A. Trigger assembly : Usually a throttle assembly must have a safety control arm, On/Off button has waterproof fittings. The throttle assmbly are fixed on the handlebar frame and can not move.

B. Air filter : Usually, a good air filter assembly ,It should easy to disassemble cover . easy to clean . There are 2 piece air filteres (one is sponge, another is felt ). If there is 1 piece filter , it depends on the density of the filter element (high-quality felt material is the best)

C. Plastic parts . Check the plastic parts are shiny or not (usually, the plastic parts with obvious gloss are produced by new materials).Lightly knock them with a wooden hammer or pressing them by hand. There is no damaged and deformed . it will be perfect .

D. Check the Fuel tank . The fuel tank material with gloss, the fuel tank has a pendant and a ventilation hole (check the fuel tank cap can ventilate effective,can not leak the fuel from fuel tank cap), and the fuel tank with 3 pipes (inlet fuel pipe,return fuel pipe, air balance) for the best.

E. Check Starter . The starter with air vents to help the engine dissipate heat. Very perfect design. The best starter with 2 piece springs and 1 pcs needle bearing in side !

F. Check muffler, the exhaust direction of the muffler should not face the user .

G. Check handle frame welding . The length of each welding scar is better than 3CM. Full welding is the best.

H. Check gearbox . with Grease holes. Hold the output shaft with your hands and rotate it left and right. to be able to turn.

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