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What are the operation steps of ground drill?

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What are the operation steps of ground drill?

The ground drill machine adopts standardized drill size. A comprehensive drill and tap size chart lists metric and imperial size drills and required tap sizes. There are also special drill bits that can create holes with non-circular cross-sections.

  • What are the operation steps of ground drill?

  • What are the precautions for using manual ground drill?

  • How does the manual ground drill work?

What are the operation steps of ground drill?

(1) Adjustment of spindle speed: It is necessary to select the appropriate speed according to the diameter of the ground drill and the processing material. When adjusting, first stop the operation of the main shaft, open the cover, turn the pulley by hand, and hang the V-shaped belt on the small pulley, and then hang it on the large pulley until the V-shaped belt is hung on the appropriate belt.

(2) Adjustment of the up and down, left and right positions of the worktable: first hold the worktable with the left hand, then loosen the locking handle with the right hand, and swing the worktable to move it down or up to the desired position, and then lock the handle.

(3) Spindle feed adjustment position: The ground drill spindle feed is realized by rotating the feed handle. Before drilling, the spindle should be raised and lowered to check whether the work placement height is appropriate. In addition, there is also a ground drill whose worktable is circular and can be rotated around its cylindrical bed.

What are the precautions for using manual ground drill?

1. The metal casing of the manual ground drill must be grounded or zero-connected protection: the plastic casing should be prevented from bumping, knocking, and smashing, and should not be in contact with gasoline and other solvents.

2. When drilling the manual ground drill, it is not advisable to use too much force to prevent the tool from overloading; when the speed is significantly reduced, it should be stabilized immediately to reduce the applied pressure; when the rotation is suddenly stopped, the power must be cut off immediately.

3. When installing the drill bit, do not hit with a hammer or other metal products. When holding a power tool, you must hold the handle of the tool. Do not pull the flexible wire while moving the tool. Prevent the flexible wire from being scratched or cut. and being crushed etc.

4. Smaller workpieces must be firmly fixed before being drilled, so as to ensure that the workpiece does not rotate with the drill bit during drilling and ensure the safety of the operator.

How does the manual ground drill work?

The working principle of manual ground drill is the same as that of other rock drills. It has rock drilling processes such as impact, rotation, ballast removal and push, which belong to impact-rotation drilling. The difference is that the impactor of the down-the-hole drilling rig is mounted on the front end of the drill pipe, dives into the bottom of the hole, and continuously advances with the extension of the hole.

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