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What are the classifications of earth auger?

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What are the classifications of earth auger?

The earth auger is a kind of construction machinery suitable for hole making in construction foundation projects. The earth auger is mainly suitable for the construction of sandy soil, clayey soil, powder soil, and other soil layers, and is widely used in the construction of foundations such as infill piles, diaphragm walls, foundation reinforcement, etc. The rated power of an earth auger is generally 125-450kW, the power output torque is 120-400kN-m, the maximum hole diameter can reach 1.5-4m, and the maximum hole depth is 60-90m, which can meet It can meet the requirements of all kinds of large-scale foundation construction. The earth auger is generally operated by hydraulic pilot control and load sensing, which is characterized by light operation and comfortable operation.

Here is the list of contents

  • Classification of earth auger

  • Market positioning of various types of earth augers

Classification of earth auger

Generally speaking, earth auger is divided into three categories: large, medium and small.

The principle of choosing earth auger should be able to meet the main engineering needs of users at present and take into account the engineering needs that may occur in the future. According to the main working parameters of earth auger: torque, engine power, drilling diameter, drilling depth and auger mass, earth auger can be divided into three types: torque 100kN-m. Engine power 170kW, drilling diameter 0.5~1m, drilling depth about 40m, auger mass about 40t, which become small earth auger, referred to as small augers.

Market positioning of various types of earth augers

Application market positioning of small augers.

(1) Slope protection piles for various building blocks.

(2) Partial load-bearing structural piles of buildings.

(3) Various kinds of piles less than 1m for urban renovation municipal projects.

(4) Piles suitable for other applications. The proportion of market workload covered by small-sized machines reaches more than 30%.

Medium-sized machine

torque 180kN-m, engine power 200kW, drilling diameter 0.8~1.8m, drilling depth 60m or so, auger mass 65t or so.

Application market positioning of earth auger medium-sized machine.

(1) Bridge piles for bridges of various highways, railroads, and other transportation facilities.

(2) Load-bearing structural piles of large buildings and harbor terminals.

(3) Piles of viaduct bridges in cities.

(4) Other applicable piles. The market workload coverage of medium-sized machines is over 90%.

Large-sized auger

torque 240kN-m, engine power 300kW, drilling diameter 1~2.5m, drilling depth 80m, auger mass over 100t. Application market positioning of the large machine.

(1) Extra-large bridge piles for various highway and railroad bridges.

(2) Special structural load-bearing foundation piles of other large buildings. The market workload coverage ratio of the large-sized machine reaches more than 10%.

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