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What are 5 different types of drill bits?

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What are 5 different types of drill bits?

Drill bit is a necessary tool for drilling on reinforced concrete, granite, marble, artificial stone and other stones. His application is widespread and common. For example, in the process of drilling, the drill bit is the main tool to break the rock, and the borehole is formed by the rock broken by the drill bit. The formation of a borehole is good or bad, and the length of time taken is not only related to the characteristics of the rock in the drilled formation and the performance of the bit itself, but also related to the matching degree between the bit and the formation. The reasonable selection of bit plays an important role in improving drilling speed and reducing comprehensive drilling cost. To select a suitable bit, we must first understand the bit. This article focuses on five common bits.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Twist drill

  • Flat drill

  • Deep hole drill

  • Reaming drill

  • Hollow drill

Twist drill

Fried dough twist drill is a tool for drilling the round hole of a workpiece by means of its rotary cutting with a fixed axis. Fried dough twist drill is the most widely used tool for hole machining. Generally, the diameter ranges from 0.25 to 80 mm. It is mainly composed of working part and handle. It is named for its shape of fried dough twist and its shape is like twist. Spiral grooves have 2 grooves, 3 grooves or more, but 2 grooves are the most common. Fried dough twist can be used in manual and electric handheld drilling tools or drilling machines, milling machines, lathes and even machining centers. The drill bit material is generally high-speed tool steel or cemented carbide.

Flat drill

The cutting part of the flat drill is shovel shaped, with simple structure and low manufacturing cost. The cutting fluid is easy to be introduced into the hole, but the cutting and chip removal performance is poor. The structure of flat drill can be divided into integral type and assembled type. The integral type is mainly used for drilling micropores with a diameter of 0.03 ~ 0.5mm. The assembled flat drill blade can be replaced and cooled internally. It is mainly used to drill large holes with a diameter of 25 ~ 500mm.

Deep hole drill

Deep hole drill usually refers to the tool for machining holes with the ratio of hole depth to hole diameter greater than 6. It can be divided into external chip removal and internal chip removal. The biggest disadvantage of deep drilling and heat dissipation is the difficulty of drilling. Commonly used are gun drill, BTA Deep hole drill, jet drill, DF deep hole drill, etc. Nesting drills are also commonly used in deep hole machining.

Reaming drill

Reaming drill is generally used for semi-finishing or final machining of holes, pre-machining before reaming or grinding or expansion of blank holes. It has 3 to 4 edge bands, no transverse edges, small changes of front and rear corners along the cutting edge, good guiding effect during machining, small axial resistance and better cutting conditions than drilling. Its rigidity is better than that of fried dough twist drill, and it is used to expand the existing hole and improve the machining accuracy and finish.

Hollow drill

Hollow bit is also known as coring bit, hole opener, central bit, steel plate bit, magnetic drill bit, rail bit, etc. The middle of the drill pipe is a hollow drill bit, which is mainly used for drilling and coring. Hollow bit is a highly effective drill with multi-edge ring cutting. The diameter of drill hole is from 12mm to 150mm, mainly used for drilling steel parts, such as steel structure engineering, rail transit, bridge, ship, mechanical manufacturing, aerospace and other hole processing fields. Its drilling performance is obviously better than the traditional two-edged fried dough twist drill, and has the characteristics of high drilling efficiency, quick and quick drilling. The multi edge steel plate drill and the magnetic base drill can drill large workpieces in multiple directions. The operation is convenient and flexible, and can effectively shorten the construction time. It has become the preferred tool for drilling and annular groove processing of modern steel components.

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