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Notes on the use of earth auger

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Notes on the use of earth auger

The earth auger is widely used in planting and digging pits for seedling gardening projects on slopes, sandy and hard land, and is widely used in mechanical engineering. This article will introduce the precautions when using the earth auger for readers' reference.

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Uses of earth auger

Precautions for use

earth auger earth auger

Uses of earth auger

Among the many garden tools, the earth auger is a common one in our daily life, especially when it comes to road repair. It is widely used because, on the one hand, the drill bit is made of manganese steel, which can penetrate hard cement, and on the other hand, it is easy to operate, and it can be used by one person alone or two people cooperatively. Compared with other gardening tools, the ground drill is more beautiful in appearance, not as laborious to operate as other tools, suitable for carrying, and more importantly, it is suitable for working in various terrains. Compared with the old days when people used to beat with cones and chisels, the earth auger has greatly improved the efficiency of working people.

Precautions for use

Use genuine 2T (two-stroke) FC grade engine oil, 4T (four-stroke) engine oil is strictly prohibited.

The use of pure gasoline is strictly forbidden.

The oil should be blended strictly according to the ratio of 25 to 1.

New machines should not be used at high speed, please break-in at low speed for 3 hours.

It is strictly forbidden to suddenly shut down the engine at high speed, otherwise, it will make it difficult to start the next time.

Feel the machine vibration is abnormal, please stop immediately to check, whether broken, loose, eccentric.

It is strictly forbidden to use the machine on the grass with piles of rocks.

There is a strict size limit for the drill bit, it is strictly forbidden to modify or use the drill bit with an increased number privately.

Clear the spark plugs and silencer carbon every working period, clean the air filter and fill the gearbox with grease.

If you encounter problems that you cannot solve, do not disassemble and install them privately.

When the machine is not used for a long time, the remaining fuel should be poured out, and then start the machine to burn all the fuel in the carburetor clean.

Want to make the machine run more stable, longer life please often maintenance.

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