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How to use an earth auger to dig holes in tree roots?

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How to use an earth auger to dig holes in tree roots?

Digging holes for fence posts is not a fun job, and it's even worse when there are roots in the path of the post. Pile hole diggers cannot cut large roots, and it is very time-consuming to try to cut the roots out by hand. The most efficient way to install a post at the root is to drill through it. There is a powerful tool available called an earth augerthat will drill through the roots of the tree and allow you to put the post where you need it. In this article, we will go over the steps to use the earth auger to drill a hole in the roots of a tree.

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Steps for drilling holes in tree roots using earth auger

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Steps for drilling a hole in a tree root with an earth auger

  • Step 1: Before using the auger, dig post holes approximately 6 inches deep with a post hole digger or shovel. When you start the auger, the starter hole will create a stable position for inserting the auger bit into.

  • Step 2: Seek help before using the auger to drill through tree roots. The earth auger resembles a large drill, it is heavy and creates a huge twisting force when used, so if you have very little strength, you will most likely be thrown off as soon as you hit the roots.

  • Step 3: Stand on one side of the auger and have your assistant stand on the other side of the auger. Place the tip of the auger bit into the pre-dug hole.

  • Step 4: Ask the assistant to hold the handle when starting and keep the auger steady. The pneumatic auger has two handles located on either side of the motor. You will need to stand on one side with your assistant and grab the auger handle. Start the auger's motor according to the manufacturer's instructions, which are clearly written on the top of the auger.

  • Step 5: Keep the auger in the upright position while the auger head is rotating and do not let go of the auger while drilling. The bit does not take long to connect to the root. Hold the auger firmly until the auger cuts through the roots.

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