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How to operate the earth auger?

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How to operate the earth auger?

The earth auger is widely used in planting and digging holes for seedling gardening projects on sloping land, sandy land, and hard land, including starting and digging the peripheral out of large trees, fence burying stakes and digging holes, fertilizing and digging holes for fruit trees and forest trees, mid-tillage and weeding for gardening projects, etc. In this article, we will talk about how to operate the earth auger.

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What should I do if the drill bit is stuck?

How to use the earth auger to make several holes in a row?

How to use an extension rod?

What should I do if the drill bit is stuck?

When you turn the throttle of the earth auger, you will feel a huge clockwise force through your handle. The earth augerworks with a lot of torque and you need a certain amount of force to counteract the torque of the auger digging the soil. If two people are operating together, both operators should brace themselves near the left-hand handle to get their bodies into position. Be careful not to dig too deep by clearing the hole of soil every few moments. If you are deeper than about 12 inches, and you do not even clear the hole of dirt, the drill will be very heavy to lift out of the hole. Worse yet, the depth is too deep and the drill bit can get stuck.

When a drill bit gets stuck, there are two ways to clear the hole. One is to stop the drill, lift the drill and soil out of the hole, and dump the soil in a pile near the hole. This keeps the soil in one place, makes it easier to backfill, and prevents it from scattering on nearby grass. Another method is to dig down a few inches, then push the throttle back to slow the rotation of the auger and pull the rig out again, where the reaction force can spin the soil off the auger. Then put the drill down again and continue construction pulling up more dirt. This method is faster (and more physically demanding), but the dirt will fly everywhere and be more difficult to recover. This is a good method if you are going to backfill with gravel or concrete, or if you don't care about dirt flying around.

How do I use an earth auger to drill several holes in a row?

If you want to move the drill to the next hole, turn off the engine, let the drill stop in the next pilot hole, and restart it. When you are not using the drill, simply turn it off and leave it in one of the holes, or place it on the ground with the spark plug facing up to prevent clogging. If fuel is leaking out of the tank cap, place it on its side on the ground.

How do I use an extension rod?

For deeper holes that require extension rods, use an unextended earth auger to open the hole first. Never open a hole with an extension pole, as it is much harder to lift a 4-foot earth augerfilled with dirt. Once the hole is dug to a depth of 36 inches, install the extension pole and dig the remaining depth in one pass. Sometimes I found it easier to simply dig the remaining inches by hand than with an extension pole, especially when fatigue set in. The most important thing is to clean the hole frequently during the digging process because it is a time-consuming and laborious task to put a drill bit filled with dirt or to lift a stuck bit out.

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