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How to maintain an earth auger?

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How to maintain an earth auger?

The use of earth augers is a change in productivity and the use of machinery is expanding quite quickly, but since the earth auger has not been in the home market for very long, there are not many references in the network. When people encounter problems in use, it is almost impossible to find a solution except for the manufacturer. This article has compiled some of the details when using the earth auger for your reference.

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Check the filter of the earth auger regularly

Maintenance of the floor auger is needed before putting it away

Not to stop running suddenly when using

Choose the right fuel

earth auger earth auger

Check the filter of the drill regularly

The spark plugs of the auger should be cleaned before each work, and only by doing so can the filter work well. In addition, in order to use the machine well, it is necessary to take good care of it in time. In use, the carbon on the filter should be regularly cleaned. After every period of time, according to the size of the intensity of use, should be checked on its filter, and the surface of the oil will be cleaned up in time.

Maintenance of the floor auger is needed before storage

Often, after a period of use, the floor auger is left for a long time. Because earth augers are often used seasonally, they are used less frequently in winter when plants are not needed. Before storing and placing, it is important to take good care of the earth auger. For example, pour out all the fuel in the tank, then start the earth auger and burn the fuel inside cleanly, so as to effectively ensure the quality of the fuel and avoid the difficulty in using the auger in the next use due to the deterioration of the fuel.

Can not suddenly stop running when using

In the process of mechanical high-speed operation, avoid temporary stopping, unless necessary, do not easily stop running. Because suddenly stopping the operation of the earth auger is likely to cause serious damage to the mechanical properties of the engine. So for people, for the earth auger in the process of use need an emergency stop, it is necessary to first power regulation and then shut down the machinery, so as to avoid the damage to the engine of the rapid stop.

Choose the right fuel

It should be noted that the gasoline used in the drill should not be pure gasoline or gasoline containing too many impurities, but should be used with excellent characteristics and the oil that is fused with engine oil and gasoline. Its ratio should be in accordance with the 25 to 1 for blending, in strict accordance with such a ratio, to ensure the good role of mechanical operation efficiency.

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