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How deep can an earth auger dig?

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How deep can an earth auger dig?

Drills are very powerful machines with a lot of torque that will throw you like a sack of potatoes if the drill hits a rock or a root. If your soil is loamy or sandy, you can also drill 30 holes in a day. However, rocky ground or thick clay soils can stunt even the most powerful drills. The earth auger is suitable for holes more than 5 feet deep and 12 inches wide because these sizes of holes are more engineered and the earth auger can be completed in a short time. So, just how deep can an earth auger dig?

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Preparation before starting construction

How deep can an earth auger dig?

Preparation before starting construction

Operating a power drill requires eye and hearing protection, as well as gloves and sturdy boots. However, by far the greatest danger in using earth augers is caused by underground electricity and gas pipelines. To prevent this danger and the nuisance of cutting TV cables and phone lines, simply call the utility company to mark the underground lines before digging. They will come out, usually within 24 hours, and mark the underground utility lines so you can safely miss them. Also, call a building inspector before you start to determine the depth of post holes needed for your project and to find out if you need a building permit. Fences and decks generally require a building permit.

How deep can I dig with an earth auger?

Most augers can dig 3 feet deep, but for deeper holes, ask for an extension pole, which is usually available at a low price and even at no extra charge to some businesses. In very cold climates where frost depths exceed 3 feet, deeper holes are often needed to lay the foundation for a deck or other structure attached to the house, and extension rods will allow you to dig up to 4 feet.

After you have made your choice, ask the seller to check the gas and engine oil levels and demonstrate the starting and operating procedures. Also, make sure you have all the shear pins available to lock the extension pole and propeller to the powerhead. By the way, you usually have to prepare your own fuel, which can be done by asking a merchant for advice. Usually, stores that sell earth augershave fuel or have contacts with fuel manufacturers. After digging the hole, cover it with plywood pieces to prevent your children or your toy poodle from falling in and to prevent the hole from caving in when it rains.

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