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Concrete nightmare! What drill is so powerful?

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Concrete nightmare! What drill is so powerful?

In order to drill holes in products of different materials, it needs a drill bit of corresponding materials, but usually it needs to drill holes on concrete, which requires an impact drill bit welded with cemented carbide bit. In order to solve this problem, we upgraded the impact bit, which is called wet diamond concrete core drill bit

Below is a list of contents:

Characteristics of wet diamond concrete core drill bit

Precautions for using drill bit

Characteristics of wet diamond concrete core drill bit

This wet diamond concrete core drill bit can easily break bricks and stones in concrete and drill through concrete

Wet diamond concrete core drill bit can be so powerful. Its core is that the head uses a kind of cemented carbide made of metal titanium and cobalt as the main materials at high temperature, and then uses three different metals to fuse and weld the cemented carbide bit.

Bit segments include shallow groove coronal segments, ordinary segments, sharp corner segments, groove turbine segments and sharp corner groove turbine segments

The unique tip design prevents the drill bit from jumping around during high-speed impact rotation. In addition, the cemented carbide surface coating can keep the drill bit cool quickly and prolong the service life of the product. Diamond bit has high wear resistance, long service life and good water cooling.

The groove design of drill pipe can remove dust and residue faster, keep the cemented carbide head cool, and increase the ultimate strength and durability of drill bit.

From the surface, the wet diamond concrete core drill bit is not much different from other ordinary bits, but its function has been greatly improved, and the appearance that the cutter head is a hole opener has also been introduced. There are also two edges, four edges or six edges. There are also integral bit, secondary bit, tertiary bit and quaternary bit

Precautions for using drill bit

Bits of different materials are used to drill different materials. The harder the tool, the worse the toughness, the finer the drill bit, and the worse the stiffness. Therefore, we should control the speed of drilling. When drilling, it is best to add appropriate cooling oil or cooling water. Now some drill bits are coated with hard metal film, which is used to drill steel, iron and other materials without heat treatment. It is easy to stick to the drill bit. Therefore, it is best to clean and lubricate the drill bit with soapy water after drilling

Before using the drill bit, it is best to drill a sample hole on the material to be drilled to prevent the deviation of the drill bit at the beginning and inconvenience. Black drill bit is more suitable for iron. They are occasionally used in daily life. It is suggested that it can be used at home.

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