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Common types of augers

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Common types of augers

Augers are widely used in mechanical engineering and there are many different types of augers. In this article, we'll talk about what types of augers there are.

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Common types of augers

What are the common auger sizes?

Common types of augers

Here are some common augers:

Ice augers

The ice auger is mainly used for drilling and crushing ice. The blades in this equipment are designed, ground, and shaped to cut and crush ice. These are typically used in commercial or industrial food equipment to crush ice for food and beverage use. Ice augers are also used for ice fishing and can be used any time you need to drill through thick ice. Ice augers have a sharper blade than the average auger used to drill soil. The sharper blades allow the auger to easily penetrate ice without creating potentially dangerous cracks.

Earth auger

Earth augers are used to make holes in the ground and are made of a rotating metal tube or rod with one or more blades attached to the lower end. As the name implies, earth augers are designed to cut or scrape the ground and soil. These augers are usually used by farmers and gardeners who grow crops.

Grain augers

The purpose of the grain auger is to transport large quantities of grain. Grain augers are constructed with a large tube containing a solid shaft around which the auger rotates counterclockwise. Grain is pulled up and pushed into the shaft and then ejected from the other end. Typically, the grain is stored in a box or silo or, in some cases, directly in a truck for transport.

Hand augers

Hand augers are generally used to dig shallow holes. They are typically used for the following tasks.

Collecting soil samples

Making post holes

Environmental construction


Unclogging sewers

Finding subsurface materials that may obstruct boreholes and damage power tools

Garden earth auger

Garden earth augers look very similar to industrial augers. However, they are usually hand-held, lightweight, and much less expensive. They are used for digging fence post holes, plant bulbs or grass plugs, and other horticultural, more amenity-oriented uses. Garden earth augers are less time-consuming than shovels and can also loosen the soil for plants.

What are the common earth auger sizes?

Typically, earth auger sizes are available in the following diameters.

  • 4 inches

  • 6 inches

  • 8 inches

  • 12 inches

  • 18 inches

The available depths for earth augers are typically 3 feet and 4 feet, but there are earth augers that allow you to drill at greater widths and depths. Those who use a one-man earth auger should not use it for any hole over 8 inches in diameter. Instead, a two-person earth auger can do jobs up to 18 inches in diameter. Any project involving wider and deeper holes than those listed above will require crane attachment or towing of the model.

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