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68cc Back Pack Core Drill rig Machine

Back pack type core drill machine 
With 4 stroke gasoline engine power pump
Use for sampling from some where 
  • HY-WD680-LK-810

Basic Info

Engine type: Air cold , single cylinder , 2 stroke

Displacement: 68cc

Power(W):2.3KW/8800±300 gasoline engine

Fuel tank capacity: 1600ML

Rotating speed:800-1800rpm

Drill depth:Within 20 meters of soil Within 10meters of rock

Feed method:Hand-holding, diamond drill bit and alloy bit high-speed rotation.

Max. Weight of single piece: 10.5 kgs

Appication:Soil layer and various rock layers

Water consumption:10L/H (Water)

Oil consupption:0.4-0.5L/H (Oil)

Drillig rod diameter:32mm

Drilling rod length:750mm

Core barrel:750mm(including the connector)

Normal accessory :

1. 4 Stroke gasoline engine power high pressure water pump

2. High pressure pipe

3. Input water pipe

4. Backwater pipe

6. φ63mm Length 300mm Core drill head assy

7. Adapter from φ34mm to φ25mm

8. Adapter from φ25mm to φ34mm

9. φ36mm Length 300mm Core drill head assy

10. Core drill tube φ34mm Length 600mm

Back pack type core drill series geological exploration drilling rig, mountain core drilling rig, also called backpack drilling rig .It is a small kind of drilling rig that is widely used in plains, mountains, and transportation inconvenient areas.It has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, light weight, easy movement, etc.

This equipment is suitable for railway,water conservancy,other construction projects and outdoor geological sampling, geological core drilling, small grouting holes, blast holes, etc.

Product Features

· Convenient to carry - The whole set of configuration is light and easy to carry

· Complete accessories - Scientific design, orderly parts

· Flexible operation - easy to install and easy to use

· Fast drilling -  time and effort saving, fast coring work.

· Wide range of applications - Coring work for various complex terrains

· Efficient and durable - special diamond drills, fast drilling, long service life


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