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1 or 2 Man operate way , hand held type most popular earth auger machine

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1 or 2 Man operate way , hand held type most popular earth auger machine

Hand held type , 1 or 2 man operate model earth auger machine

Hand held type earth auger machine characteristics:

1. There are 2 pcs triggers on this machine . It can control machines individually or simultaneously.

2. Every trigger with one piece On/Off button . Either switch can shut down the machine without affecting start.

3. The perfect wraparound handle bar design can be held by one man or two men. The sturdy handle bars are aesthetically pleasing and protect the engine more effectively.

4. Power , The machine matach with 2 stroke 68cc gasoline engine power , or use Orginal HONDA GX50 model engine are very perfect choice.

5. Gearbox : High-strength, high-quality gearbox transmission system. Gear wheel structure : helical teeth (rounded corner) ;Main gear wheel contact with output shaft : Spline;Gear wheel metrial :20CrMnTi high temperature carburizing steel  . Guarantee 2 years without quality problems.

6. Max drive ability : Less than or equal to diameter 300mm auger bits.

7. Most popular sets package way  is 1 piece earth auger machine ,1 piece Spring snubber, 1 piece 60cm length extension rod , 1 piece diameter 10 cm  length 80 cm earth auger bit ,1 piece diameter 20 cm  length 80 cm earth auger bit, 1 piece diameter 25 cm length 80 cm earth auger bit  packaged in one carton . 

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